Business Disputes and Litigation

Our firm’s lawyers have a remarkable breadth of experience handling commercial and business litigation cases in state and federal courts in Tennessee and in arbitrations and mediations.

We fully appreciate the costs, both monetary and non-monetary, that a lawsuit can have on our clients. Our firm will strive to find the most cost-effective solution to resolve your dispute. We will explore ways that your matter can be resolved early, if that is compatible with your goals.

We will prepare your case thoroughly for a trial, if a trial is necessary to obtain a good outcome. We recognize that, often in litigation, the best way to achieve an optimal settlement for our clients is to take the steps that make it clear to the opposing party and its lawyers that we will be prepared for a trial and will try our client’s case if we cannot achieve a suitable settlement.

Fitting Your Individual Legal Needs

The firm’s approach to litigation is tailor fit for businesses and individuals needing cost effective solutions from a firm with extensive commercial and business litigation experience. Our lawyers understand and appreciate the monetary and non-monetary costs of litigation to your business. We fully recognize that your litigation matter can be significantly more expensive than it ever needs to be if we do not think strategically about your situation from the outset of our representation. Our commitment is to collaborate with you to understand fully your legal situation, the results you desire, and to employ the strategies, throughout our handling of your case, that will achieve a successful result for you in the least expensive way.

We Can Help

There are few, if any, cases where an optimum result for a client can be achieved without very hard work by a lawyer and law firm. We pride ourselves on a commitment to our clients where we work just as hard on their case as we would hope an attorney would work on our own. That is a fundamental belief we bring to every case and to our representation of every client.