Traffic Citations, Specializing in Out-of-State Defendants

Many traffic infractions may seem like minor issues that do not require the help of traffic attorneys. But in fact, moving violations are criminal charges, and while they do range in severity, a traffic violation conviction can lead to serious penalties.
If you receive a citation for speeding or another traffic infraction, you may just assume it’s in your best interest to pay the ticket and move on. But just paying a ticket is an admission of guilt that can have an impact on your insurance premiums and result in points deducted from your license. Attorneys tend to recommend that clients dispute their citations, and we are adept litigators who can help you win or avoid serious penalties.

We Can Help

Driving a car is an integral part of your life. Do not let a citation cause a change in your lifestyle. We are ready to assist out-of-state clients with their needs as well. Our office prides itself on client interactions. We strive to promptly return calls, answer emails, and make sure that your case gets the attention it deserves.